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Giving you direct access to all fruits and vegetables Peru and the southern hemisphere have to offer.

Who are we?

We are your local peruvian team of experts in fruits and vegetables, based right in the center of Europe.

Three Rivers in numbers

tons of exported products per year

Countries with distribution channels

varieties of products

What do we do?

Sourcing & Procurement

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Strategic Partners

Our growers

We collaborate with over 60 growers in Latin America, Africa and Asia, all of which maintain the necessary international certifications for exporting to Europe, including GlobalG.A.P., GRASP, Rainforest Alliance, SMETA, SPRING, and more. We work with all main agroexporting countries in the southern hemisphere including Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania and India.
Our wide network of growers allows us to be consistent and maintain the necessary quality required for each destination along each campaign.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners in northern and southern Europe give us access to logistics and distribution networks that complement each other. This allows us to channel different qualities and sizes of products all over the continent, making sure we are delivering the right products to the right markets.

Where are we?

We are located right in the center of Europe in Geneva, Switzerland, with our warehouses in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and our operations team in Lima, Peru.